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“Pills add words” to withdraw from the historical stage, banned against zinc, green farming, sodium humate to help out!

Since Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, antibiotics have made an indelible contribution to humans and animals. For animal husbandry, it can prevent livestock diseases, increase nutrient absorption, promote livestock growth, and reduce farming costs. According to relevant statistics, the use of antibiotics increases the growth efficiency of livestock and poultry by about 10-20%, the feed […]

Use of sodium humate in aquaculture processes

1, shading Relying on the physical characteristics of sodium humate, after the application of sodium humate in the pond, the water body will become soy sauce color, thereby blocking part of the sunlight reaching the bottom layer, which can prevent the moss from being used, and is used in aquaculture ponds. This usage is specifically […]

The role of sodium humate in aquaculture, how to know true and false sodium humate (HA-Na)!

First, the basic understanding of sodium humate a, product English name Sodium humate b, product alias: sodium humate; sodium humate (Humin sodium salt); humic acid sodium salt; How is sodium humate produced? In China, agricultural use as an organic ecological fertilizer is based on weathering low-efficiency lignite, whitened low calorific value peat and smoky brown […]