Humic acids is made from raw material of leonardite or lignite,its chemical structure like carboxyl and hydroxyl group decide its chelating capability and capability.Can be used in agriculture,livestock feed,environment remediation.

In agriculture,humic acids can greatly improve the soil structure to capture the nutrients to increase the soil fertility,thus to increase the crops harvest.In the meantime,can reduce the pesticide residual on vegetables or fruits.

In Environment remediation,humic acids can chelate the heavy metals or toxins in polluted soil and slowly transfer into some form of non-toxic,can recover the soil from root.For polluted water,same functional principal can recovery it thoroughly.

In livestock ,humic acids can improve the digestion system of animals and take out the heavy ,toxins and medcial residual,increase the protein growth and the animal grow.Thus can increase the capability to counter disease.

For industrial use,humic acids can be widely used for battery,waste water treatment ,coke binder and so on.