Sodium humate is widely used in aquaculture

Relying on the physical characteristics of sodium humate, after the application of sodium humate in the pond, the water body will become soy sauce color, thereby blocking part of the sunlight reaching the bottom layer, which can prevent the moss from being used, and is used in aquaculture ponds. This usage is specifically for the case where the algae phase is difficult to adjust, and the moss is difficult to fertilize. Especially in Tangkou, which has just sprouted moss, the cultivation of algae with humic acid fertilizer can control the moss to a certain extent, so that it can float above and avoid the use of drugs that kill moss to affect the growth of farm animals!
Note: Many times everyone used to control the moss. This is only limited to the phenomenon that the moss has just sprouted. Once the moss has grown, this method is almost useless. The reason is that after the moss floats up, everyone can not fish in time, the moss floating on the water surface. You can see the light again, and you will continue to grow, There are more and more situation.

Water and water purification

Utilizing the comprehensive adsorption characteristics of sodium humate, it can assist in the treatment of turbidity, pan-bottom, dead algae, oil film, foam and other water quality conditions. Sodium humate is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, which can supplement the carbon source of water. At the same time, sodium humate is a relatively stable natural macromolecular organic substance with aromatic structure, which is composed of sparse aromatic rings. An intermittent network of structures with many voids of varying sizes. Due to its complex structure and multiple functional groups, it has high reactivity and strong adsorption performance. Therefore, in practical applications, the effect of purifying water quality can be achieved, and sodium humate itself can release nascent oxygen, thereby inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria.

Fertilizer water

After decomposition of humic acid, it is a relatively good carbon source fertilizer. Some special uses can also stimulate the rapid propagation of algae, which is more cautious and cautious in the current deterioration of the farming environment. However, sodium humate is a development trend of carbon source fertilizer products. It can provide a large amount of carbon source for algae growth in ponds.


Neutralize toxins, heavy metals, and more. In many manufacturers of powder liquid detoxification products often add a certain amount of sodium humate, one is the color, and the second is indeed the additional effect of clean water, water, detoxification, assisted algae. Once a certain amount of sodium humate is added to the detoxification product, it can turn a very popular product into a functional product that may be surprisingly effective. Why not do it for the manufacturer? But it’s important to note that not enough is all in vain. So I hope everyone will treat medicines correctly!