Sodium humate is a natural and pollution-free feed additive in poultry feed additives. It has obvious effects in promoting poultry growth and development, improving meat and egg yield and quality, and can be used as an anti-inflammatory, immune and antibacterial drug.

Function of sodium humate

  1. Sodium humate regulates acid and alkali balance in the body
  2. Sodium humate promotes and improves the quality and quality of meat and eggs
  3. Sodium humate enhances body and immunity
  4. Sodium humate reduces mortality
  5. Sodium humate can reduce ammonia emissions and reduce fecal odor
  6. Sodium humate can effectively prevent, control and treat diseases
  7. Sodium humate can effectively prevent chicken feathers, appendix and soft-foot disease, and duck and goose disease
  8. Sodium humate can effectively control common white cockroaches, reduce morbidity and reduce mortality


Chicken seedling growth and development and prevention and treatment of chalk test results
Item Treatment (% of dry feed weight added) Primary average weight
g/only 14d average weight
g/only due to chalk mortality
Oxytocin Adding sodium humate
CK1 0 0 37.5 154.4 47.5
CK2 0.3 0 38.0 199.7 7.8
Test group 0.3 0.3 37.8 227.3 1.4
In addition to increasing the average weight gain of chickens by 11.4%, the incidence of respiratory infections was reduced by 75%, Salmonella infections by 45%, and 9.6% of feed was saved.


  1. Sodium humate as a drinking water additive, 1-2 kg per 1000 liters of drinking water
  2. Sodium humate as a feed additive, applying about 1-2% of the whole feed