The difference between sodium, potassium, and ammonium humate

Sodium humates, potassium humates and ammonium humates are the main forms of humic acid salt. Although they are similar to each other, in fact, each form is not the same effect in different plants and different stages of plants development. Usually, generally use potassium humate and sodium humates not ammonium humates, because of its chemical […]

Sodium Humate application purpose

Sodium humate is humic acid sodium salt,completely soluble in water ,appearance is exactly the same as potassium humate. But the application purpose is totally different. No.1.Sodium humate can not used for agriculture,only can be used for feed additives.As it contend high in sodium,which is not necessary for plants and crops.Potassium humate is completely used for […]

Sodium humate

Sodium humate (68131-04-4) Property black granular or powder, soluble in water, alkaline, has the functions of ion exchange, adsorption, complexation, flocculation, decentralization and adhesive bonding. Sodium humate has a wide use in industry. This product can be applied in a great number of fields such as the removal of toxicmetals from wastewater or as mud […]

what’s the pharmacological function of sodium humate for animal and human?

The pharmacological effects of sodium humate (1). For Animal Feed Make a variety of feed nutrients to fully break down complex molecules and good organic combination of increased gastrointestinal function, protein assimilation. Improve the permeability of animal cell membrane and protoplasm, Increase muscle cells clearance of water and water content, Pig hair light and skin […]

Two mean analysis mothod of humic acids.

For the humic acids analysis, we have 2 analysis method. For humic acids raw material test, there are 2 kinds of parameters,total humic acids and free humic acids. Total humic acids is including free humic acid,which is much more active and have a higher CEC(Which is mainly decided by carboxyl group on its chemical structure).But […]

How to process nonsoluble humic acid (leonardite) into soluble humic acid?

For humic acid ,its salts is humate, is also called soluble humic acids. How to process non soluble humic acid into soluble humic acid (soluble humate),it is basically treated by alkaline like KOH ,NaOH and liquid ammonia,accordingly you will get Soluble potassium humate(Soluble humic aicd potassium salt),soluble Sodium humate(soluble humic acid sodium salt),soluble ammonium humate(soluble […]

Humic acid can used in oil drilling industry.

In oil drilling, humic acid can be used as shale inhibitors, sodium humate can be used as fluid loss additive, humic acid chromium complex and organosilicone humic acid can be used as reducing agent.

Sodium Fumate Can Help To Produce Coal Briquette.

As a kind of binder, sodium humate can help to produce coal briquette.As early as the 1960s, the former Soviet Union used 1.5% sodium humate binder, the resulting briquettes cold strength can reach 800N /pc or more. And thermal stability is also very good, its strength didnt decreased at 1400 ℃ high temperature. 1970s China also has many […]

What’s the sodium humate function for ceramic producing?

Sodium humate has the following main function in ceramic clay (glaze) : 1. Potentiation The strength of the ceramic can be increased about 80%, reduce breakage rate of semi-finished products, in favor of finishing semi-finished products. 2. Plasticization Sodium humate can improve the plasticity index more than 40%, so that the mud is easy to be shaped, […]

Sodium Humate Fodder

Sodium humate can be widely used in the farming industry: For laying hens can improve egg production, feed conversion and eggshell quality, prevent watery stool and reduce fecal odor, reduce the rate of death and elimination. For broilers, can improve feed remuneration, reduce the rate of death and elimination. For pigs, can be equated olaquindox […]

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