Fulvic acid can be used as a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. It can promote plant growth, especially to control the openness of crop leaf stomata, reduce transpiration, and play an important role in combating drought. It can improve stress resistance, increase yield and improve quality.

The application target is wheat, corn, sweet potato, millet, rice, cotton, peanut, rape, tobacco, sericulture, melon and fruit, vegetables, etc.; it can be mixed with some non-alkaline pesticides, and often has synergistic effect.

1, fulvic acid can be used as “leaf treasure”, “plant protection”, “rich production”, “plant growth hormone” and other liquid compound fertilizer is a high-tech, a variety of trace elements and other active ingredients.

2, fulvic acid for spraying crops, drought resistance, dry heat. Taking foliar sprayed wheat as an example, the average stomatal opening degree can be reduced by about two-thirds, and the root activity of the plant can be improved, the premature aging can be prevented, the various enzyme activities can be increased, and the chlorophyll content can be increased by more than 20%.

3, fulvic acid for apple, grape, peanut, watermelon, tea and other economic crops foliar spray, can increase the sugar content by 2-4 degrees, acidity decreased, VC increased, so it can improve the quality of the fruit. It can be used for cotton to control yellow blight and increase the cotton yield by 15-30%.

4, fulvic acid for medical use, can increase body immunity, adjust gastrointestinal function, anti-tumor, with hemostasis, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation, better effect on high blood pressure, gynecological diseases.

5, fulvic acid used as a feed additive, can increase the appetite of pigs, increase tenderness and increase; increase the egg production rate of chickens by 15.5%, increase the hatching rate of chickens by 21.8%, increase the rate of health care by 15-20%, prevent livestock diseases And chicken chop.

6, fulvic acid for industrial, cigar dyes, ceramic additives, mineral processing inhibitors, battery cathode expansion agents, heavy metal ion adsorbents.