Abnormal climate, high environmental protection, negative growth of national pesticides and fertilizers, and organic fertilizers instead of large chemical fertilizers, agriculture calls for efficient and environmentally friendly production materials; soil environment is deteriorating, crops are physiologically dysfunctional, agricultural products are generally poor in quality, and supply ends need to be in quality and quantity. Kungfu can meet the requirements of the demand side.

The source of humic acid, especially the source of potassium humate, has been recognized and advocated by the state for its magical effects in solving crop physiological obstacles, improving the quality of agricultural products, and improving weight gain by its safe, ecological, micro-efficient and powerful integration effects. A strong sense of experience has also been favored by growers, especially high-end cash crop growers.
The reason why humic acid has received such widespread attention is mainly based on two factors: First, the external environment. The current policy orientation and demand of the country have forced humic acid production enterprises to pay more and more attention to the research and development, application, service and promotion of humic acid products. The second is its own factor. Mineral humic acid has a unique competitive advantage over other biostimulants. First of all, the source of humic acid is very wide, and its raw material lignite and weathered coal are abundant in China, and the supply of raw materials is guaranteed.

Secondly, humic acid is easy to achieve industrialization and large-scale production, and is stable, safe and reliable. Again, the integration effect of ore source humic acid is strong. The special molecular structure gives humic acid unique advantages in function. The effects of improving soil, stimulating crop growth, improving crop stress resistance, improving quality, and slow release of fertilizers are excellent.

It is said that the source of potassium humate is very magical. Is there any magic in it? Which fields are suitable for the application of the source of potassium humate ?
1. Soil: The acid, alkali, salt, compaction, heavy metal exceeding the standard and low soil organic matter in the soil can be used as the source of potassium humate.
2.Fertilizer: mineral source humic acid on fertilizer synergy is mainly reflected in improving fertilizer utilization, weight loss and efficiency.

The volatilization, loss and fertilizer efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer are short: mineral humic acid can complex nitrogen fertilizer and reduce the volatilization and loss of nitrogen fertilizer; ore source humic acid is a natural urease inhibitor, which can inhibit soil urease activity and prolong nitrogen fertilizer efficiency.
Laziness and antagonism of phosphate fertilizer: Phosphorus is lazy and has a short moving distance. Mineral source humic acid can increase the moving distance of phosphorus, increase the contact with roots, increase the utilization of phosphorus, and antagonize multiple elements such as phosphorus and calcium and magnesium. It is fixed by metal ions in the soil to convert the available phosphorus into delayed phosphorus or ineffective phosphorus. Humic acid can liberate the immobilized phosphorus element, making it a soluble phosphorus, increasing the activity of phosphorus.
Potassium protection: Humic acid can absorb and store potassium ions, which can prevent potassium ions from being lost with water in sand, prevent potassium fixation in sticky soil, and improve potassium utilization

3.Crops: Ore source humic acid can solve crop physiological obstacles and improve the quality of agricultural products. The root system is weak, the growth potential is poor, the resistance is poor, the physiological yellowing, the color change is slow, the expansion is slow, the sugar content is low, and the smoothness is poor. The source of potassium humate can be used.