Ore source humic acid belongs to a natural biological source.

In particular, humic acid is the organic substance formed by the remains of plants and animals through the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms and some changes in the earth’s crust, so it must be a natural substance.

Some farmers have asked us before: “The humic acid water-soluble fertilizer that has been used for so many years, every time you buy it, you can smell the sweetness, that is, the sugary taste, but the humic acid water soluble fertilizer you bought today has no taste at all. Will it be fake?” You can think about it.
At present, the source humic acid is an organic substance formed during the crustal change. The main elements are actually carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. The content of carbon is the highest, which is what we are talking about today. Active ore source humic acid.

The ore source humic acid is formed in four stages: peat stage, lignite stage, bituminous stage, anthracite stage. In this process, the raw material purification of humic acid mainly passes through three stages of peat stage, lignite stage and weathered coal stage. The humic acid content is the highest in the three stages.

The humic acid with peat as raw material is called original humic acid, and the humic acid with lignite and weathered coal as raw material is called ore source humic acid.

If the source humic acid is classified by molecular weight, The molecular weight of black humic acid is above 5000 Daltons, the molecular weight of brown humic acid is 1000-5000 Daltons, and the molecular weight of fulvic acid is below 1000 Daltons, according to the mass unit of Dalton. The lower the mass unit, the higher its activity.