The soil is the loose surface of the earth’s land that can grow plants. Fertility is the basic property of the soil. There are many basic traits affecting fertility, including: the thickness of soil tillage layer; the texture and structure of ploughed soil: soil organic matter content; nutrient content of soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; soil acidity and alkalinity.

Acidification is an important aspect of soil weathering and soil formation, resulting in lower pH, acid soil formation, affecting the activity of soil organisms, changing the form of nutrients in the soil, reducing the availability of nutrients, and promoting the dissolution of free manganese and aluminum ions into the soil. In the solution, it has a toxic effect on the crop. Generally speaking, the severity of soil acidification is expressed by PH value, such as PH value = 4.5 acidity; PH value = 4.5-5.5 strong acid; PH value = 5.5-6.5 acid.

What are the hazards or side effects of soil acidification on crops?

  1. Affect the absorption of nutrients by roots
    Generally, acidified soil is relatively hard, and the knotting phenomenon is relatively serious. This will make the elongation of the root system difficult, and the area of ​​root formation will decrease. This will cause the absorption capacity of the root system to decrease, the growth of the plant is weak, and the yield and Quality will not be satisfactory. In addition, plants with weak growth are more susceptible to disease and are prone to disease.
  2. Poisoning occurs
    Under acidic conditions, the solubility of some acidic ions (such as aluminum, manganese, etc.) will increase, which will have some toxic effects on crops. At the same time, there are many hydrogen ions in the acidic soil, so it will antagonize some of the cations required by the plants in the soil, affecting its absorption and utilization.
  3. Reduced absorption of elements
    The acidic soil environment will cause a large loss of nitrogen, and at the same time, some elements will be fixed, so the elements in the soil for plant absorption and utilization are reduced. This is the aforementioned “the greater the amount of fertilizer applied, the more the crop grows. One of the reasons for the difference.
    At present, in the domestic cultivated soil, the fertility level is low, the soil physical and chemical properties are poor, and the low-yield soil with low crop yield is about 30%. The basic traits of these soils can be summarized as: “dry, alfalfa, salt, alkali, acid, board, thin”. Reconstructing low-yield soils has made it important for agriculture to achieve balanced production and accelerate agricultural modernization.

Beijing carbon source power humic acid potassium is an organic combination of microorganisms and high-quality humic acid, and the product has high activity and obvious effect. The main function:

  1. Potassium humate improves soil structure, promotes the formation of aggregates, coordinates soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat, and can not only ventilate, but also retain water and not compact.
  2. Potassium humate enhances soil fertility and fertilization capacity, maintains strong fertility, reduces effective nutrient loss, and provides long-lasting fertilizer, making the fertilizer efficiency of various quick-acting fertilizers “slow, fierce and short” become “slow and stable” ,long”.
  3. Potassium humate improves soil acidity and alkalinity and reduces side effects of toxic factors.
  4. Potassium humate promotes rooting and improves root water absorption capacity. Kejia’s highly active humic acid is used for root irrigation or irrigation with water droplets. The roots of the crops are fast, the number of roots is increased, the root weight is increased, and the roots are able to absorb nutrients. .
  5. Potassium humate enhances the stress resistance of crops. The humic acid crops are resistant to cold and drought, and the disease resistance is significantly enhanced.

How is soil acidification caused?
Excessive consumption of soil nutrients
With the advancement of technology, the output of crops can be said to be a rapid increase, which will result in a significant increase in the demand for nutrients in the crops, and generally a piece of land we plant all the year round, so it will cause a lot of elements to be After the plant is absorbed, it does not promptly rehabilitate or rotate, resulting in the soil becoming more and more barren, while the barren soil is generally more acidic.

  1. Unreasonable fertilizer application
    The soil is poor, and farmers generally think of applying fertilizers to solve the problem of insufficient soil nutrients to ensure annual production. However, when applying fertilizer, a large amount of acidic fertilizers, such as potassium chloride, ammonium sulfate and the like, ammonia fertilizer, etc., are applied, and the application of these fertilizers will deposit in the soil, thereby aggravating the acidification problem of the soil, and chemical fertilizers. A large amount of application will also affect the content of organic matter in the soil, and the amount of organic matter directly determines the buffer capacity of the soil and the strength of resilience.
  2. Organic supplements are not timely
    Generally speaking, when you apply a large amount of chemical fertilizers, the organic matter content in the soil will be affected relatively, so we should supplement it according to the soil conditions in time to ensure the normal buffer capacity and recovery ability of the soil.

The call for remediation of soil has never stopped. The problem of life is always ignored by people. It may even feel that a series of problems are caused by the destruction of the soil. It is far away from us; in fact, the soil has developed into a national value and affects personal life. The height of life safety. For example, crop root growth caused by soil compaction is caused by yin and susceptible disease, and crop cropping phenomenon caused by severe acidification of soil. Multi-watering and multi-purpose fertilizer can not solve these problems. The more water and fertilizer are not. The better, “Green Mountain Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan” “The beautiful factor of humic acid is the gold dollar silver dollar”, how to achieve the weight loss and efficiency of the humic acid potassium in Beijing, and repair damaged soil to promote healthy growth of crops?