Driven by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Action Plan for Zero Growth of Fertilizer Use by 2020, green fertilizers should be vigorously developed to develop value-added fertilizers, and potassium humate will play an important role. At the launch conference of the new fertilizer strategy of China’s first humic acid and potassium humate compound fertilizer summit held in Beijing a few days ago, Zhao Bingqiang, a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Agriculture of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said.

According to Zeng Xiancheng, chairman of the China Humic Acid Industry Association, according to the results of the announcement of the Fertilizer Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are currently 4,636 registered products containing potassium in China, of which 1,527 are humic acid fertilizers containing potassium, accounting for about 1/3. “

For more than 30 years, a large number of experimental studies have proved that potassium humate can improve soil available potassium content, increase potassium absorption and utilization, promote crop yield increase, improve crop quality, enhance crop resistance, etc., and have achieved good results in agricultural applications. Effect.” Zeng Xiancheng said.

Participants in the industry believe that because potassium humate has the function of soil remediation and improvement, it can effectively avoid soil acidification and fouling caused by long-term use of traditional fertilizers (such as potassium sulfate, urea, diammonium phosphate, etc.), which is conducive to the persistence of farmland.

Development and utilization. At present, in the face of the strong promotion of “Zero Fertilizer Zero Growth Action”, in the face of the high-grade requirements of the “tongue” of ordinary people, the production of humic acid potassium and humic acid potassium fertilizer will become more and more popular. Potassium humate is a suitable material for the production of compound fertilizers and water-soluble fertilizers.

The new humic acid potassium fertilizer is used as a breakthrough to build a Chinese humic acid potassium compound fertilizer market, which is an important idea for the future development of the fertilizer industry.

Professor Chen Xinping from the College of Resources and Environment, China Agricultural University is conducting a special research project on “High Potassium Fertilizer Utilization and Potassium Substitution Technology”.

He believes that China’s compound fertilizer is currently developing from GM to dedicated. With the increasing demand for potash in the world, thepotassium fertilizer industry is developing rapidly, and its product types are becoming more and more abundant. Single-fertilizer, compound fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer containing potassium humate will be more and more popular.