The way people grow and manage is constantly changing with the advancement of science and technology. However, the status of soil as a carrier for growing crops has not been shaken. It shows how important the soil is to the growth of everything! Everything needs to grow well, and the fertility of the soil is One of the main determinants, the organic matter content in the soil determines the fertility of the soil.

Organic matter humic acid, organic matter is not equal to humic acid.

The humic acid foliar spray is a good auxiliaries for pesticides, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Humic acid is composed of complex organic matter, which contains more hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, has the function of surfactant, and is mixed with pesticides, which can effectively exert its good dispersion and emulsification. Improve pesticide activity and increase pesticide efficacy.

(2) Humic acid has a large specific surface area and has a strong adsorption effect on organic-inorganic substances. When it is compatible with pesticides, some complexes are formed, thereby releasing the effect of slow release of the drug.

(3) Because the amino acid and S-group in the functional group of humic acid can reduce the toxic effect of pesticides on humans and animals, the safety of pesticides after application can be improved to some extent.

(4) High-activity fulvic acid has solubilization and synergistic effect on pesticides, so that the amount of pesticides can be reduced to a certain extent, thereby correspondingly reducing the transfer of pesticides in the food chain and residues in the environment.

(5) Humic acid also contributes to the degradation of residual pesticides in the soil. Humic acid promotes the growth of microorganisms in the soil, while microorganisms can effectively degrade the residual pesticides in the soil, so it can effectively reduce the environmental pollution of residual pesticides after application. To reduce the penetration of pesticides into the food chain, thereby reducing the accumulation of pesticides in animals and plants.

In addition, humic substances and humic acid themselves have a pesticide-like function. Studies have shown that after spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer, the incidence of pepper bacterial wilt, the incidence of flower rust, and the rate of rotten fruit are significantly reduced.