In all the living things in this carbon planet, carbon is the basic element, and the organic matter formed by carbon as the framework is the basic material of life.

 At present, China’s cultivated land faces severe challenges, with poor depletion (slab formation, desertification, salinization), and low- and medium-yield fields accounting for 74%, resulting in widespread weak roots, sub-health, and frequent diseases.

Due to the indifference to carbon and the fact that farmers do not care about arable land, do not cultivate fertility, and rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the “chemical farming” model has been popularized in China’s hundreds of millions of acres of cultivated land. We have carried out carbon plundering of cultivated soil for 30 years. .

 Plant carbon nutrients come not only from the “channel” of carbon dioxide photosynthetic transformation by chlorophyll, but also from another pathway that roots absorb from the soil. Leaf absorption and transformation is the main force of carbon accumulation, and soil carbon nutrient can produce serial promotion and energy transfer to soil fertility (ie, physical fertility, chemical fertility, and biological fertility), which promotes secondary processing of soil to fertilizer, thus directly affecting Photosynthetic conversion efficiency of the leaf suction channel.

Soil organic matter is a natural “carbon pool”, but the carbon in organic matter cannot be directly absorbed by plants. Only by biochemical action, the small molecule water-soluble organic carbon is gradually decomposed, which is the true plant carbon nutrient. The carbon nutrient content of the fertilizer determines the organic fertilizer efficiency of the fertilizer. Carbon nutrients are the basic substances for the three fertility of NPK. Soil-poor organic carbon microbes lose energy and cannot reproduce, which is the root cause of soil compaction and the main reason for low fertilizer utilization. Agriculture needs to reach a new level, food must be safe, and the biggest room for improvement is carbon supplementation.

Humic acid is an “ecological factor” in nature. It is the “grand baby” of the soil, the “white blood cell” of the water body, the “safeguard” for purifying the environment, and the “buffer” of the carbon cycle. Over the past 18 years, the Association has been committed to the development of green and low-carbon, and has always made a positive contribution to climate change mitigation.