• Product Name: Carbon Guardian
  • The Implementation Standard is NY525-2012
  • Main Indicators: Organic Matter ≥ 45%, NPK ≥ 5%
  • Other Active Ingredients: Humic Acid, Yellow Humic Acid, Medium and Trace Elements
  • Product Specifications: 25kg


  • Insect and insect repellent, reduce heavy and dry obstacles and inhibit soil pests and diseases.
  • Repair the soil, improve the knot, improve the fertility, and resist the heavy sputum.
  • Promote root development, increase fertilizer absorption rate, improve fertilizer utilization rate, alleviate pollution of heavy metal ions in the soil, and slow down phytotoxicity.
  • Promote the reproduction of microbial communities in the soil, which in turn promotes the improvement of soil structure.
  • Improve crop disease resistance and resilience, increase yield and improve quality.


  • The use of Carbon Guardian is based on the combination of soil disease and pest level with base fertilizer and top dressing.
  • For Fruit Trees, Strawberries
    • Serious damage: 2 bags of carbon square guards, 1 bag of base fertilizer, 3 bags of top dressing;
    • Lighter Damage: 1 bag of carbon square guards, 2 bags of base fertilizer, 3 bags of top dressing.
  • Food: 1-2 bags per mu.
  • Root crops: 2-3 bags per acre.
  • Leafy vegetables: 2 bags per acre.
  • Solanum: 2-3 bags per acre.
  • Beans: 1-2 bags per acre.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicines: 3-4 bags per acre.


  • It is recommended to combine high carbon base fertilizer and carbon source for top dressing.
  • It does not contain any animal waste, antibiotics, municipal sludge components.