• Product Name: Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer
  • The implementation standard is NY525-2012
  • Main indicators: Humic Acid ≥ 45%, NPK ≥ 5%
  • Other Active Ingredients: Medium and Trace Elements
  • Product Specifications: 25kg


  • Effectively solve the phenomenon of fertility decline and de-fertilization in the middle and late stages of crops. This purifies make the effect of fertilizer is more durable and the fertilizer utilization rate is improved.
  • Water retention and drought resistance, increase ground temperature, enhance plant resistance.
  • Reduce pests and diseases, promote early maturity, reduce heavy metal ions in soils.
  • Absorb crops, slow down phytotoxicity and improve fruit yield and quality.
  • Accelerate growth, promote growth and development, prevent falling flowers, fruit cracking, fruit shrinkage.
  • Improve product quality, and improve crop resistance to disease, insects, drought, mites, cold, salt, and alkali.
  • Improve soil repair, prevent soil compaction, and increase soil water retention.


  • For Fruit Trees, 100-120 kg per mu.
  • For Leafy Vegetables, the amount of 80 kg per mu as the base fertilizer.
  • Root Vegetables, 100-120 kg per acre.
  • For Beans, 60-80 kg per acre.
  • For Melons and Fruits: 100-120 kg per acre.
  • Economic Crops, 100 kg per mu.
  • For Grain, 40-120 kg per acre.


  • It is recommended to use the base fertilizer.
  • It does not contain any animal waste, antibiotics, urban sludge components.
  • Loose soil and increase pellet structure
  • Strengthen soil fertility and fertilization capacity
  • Suppress soil diseases