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potassium humate

Potassium humate to remove lead and cadmium in soil

Potassium Humate are also used for the rehabilitation of soil contaminated by heavy metals like lead and cadmium due to their unique physicochemical properties. Soil heavy metal pollution is an important environmental problem facing China and many other countries in the world. Soil in situ fixation / stabilization technology is widely used in practical engineering […]


Function of potassium humate

Function of potassium humate,let us start with humic acid functional group in potassium humate can absorb and store potassium ions, prevent loss with water in sandy soil and leaching soil, and prevent fixation of potassium by sticky soil. In addition, some parts of potassium humate are low-molecular-weight humic acid such as fulvic acid, which has […]

potassium humate

potassium humate composition and efficiency

potassium humate composition and efficiency need to make clear The main components of potassium humate include trace elements, rare earth elements, plant growth regulators, virus inhibitors and other nutrients, which make nutrients more abundant and more reasonable, thus avoiding various physiological physiology caused by lack of elements. The occurrence of the disease. The main effects […]

Potassium humate enhances crop stress resistance

Potassium humate enhances crop stress resistance,Plant stress resistance index (one): the content of ABA (abscisic acid: a plant hormone that inhibits growth) in plants. The ABA content of plants will increase under any adverse conditions. Abscisic acid is the “first messenger” that initiates the expression of stress-resistant genes in plants, and effectively activates the anti-reverse […]