Pharmaceutical Humic Acid

Pharmaceutical Humic Acid Description

Pharmaceutical or Medical humic acid is extracted strictly in pharmaceutical way, based on long-term of clinical experience.

Pharmaceutical Humic Acid Specification

 AppearanceBlack Powder
 Product codeSHA-PHA
 Total Fulvic acid & humic acid98%min
 Methyl Mercury(Hg)≤0.3mg/kg
 Inorganic Arsenic(As)≤0.1mg/kg

Pharmaceutical or Medical Function

  1. Blood Properties.The red blood cells have the capability of carrying higher percentages of oxygen when in the presence of humate. Human subjects taking humate have reported feelings of euphoria, similar to hyperventilating, during the first few days of taking humate. This euphoria is a result of additional oxygen. Healing of injuries, as a result of additional oxygen, is much quicker.
  2. Helpful for Mineral Transfer.
    Humates contain both humic and fulvic acids. The fulvic acid is the chelator that carries the minerals. Help to increase the absorption of calcium and transfer iodine from foods into the thyroid glands.Most importantly ,fulvic acid captures and removes toxic metals from the body.
  3. Cell Mutation.
    Humic acid also significantly accelerated the healing process of experimentally induced ulcers
  4. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Viral Properties.
  5. Liver effect.
    A large part of the humate takes an active part in the liver metabolism. The use of humate plays a role in the liver function and protects it somewhat from disease and disturbances.
  6. Humic acid makes cell membranes more permeable.
  7. It makes cell membranes more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allowing waste to leave the cells more readily. One of the strongest advantages of humic acid minerals is that absorption greatly exceeds traditional tablet supplements. As with any nutrient or supplement, the only way your body can benefit, is if it is absorbed. Humic acid enhances this process.
  8. Humic acid increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity.
  9. It quickly destroys acid in the body fluids which helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.A lack of blood oxygen is a major contributing factor for acidity. Excess body acidity is associated with virtually all degenerative diseases; including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, tooth decay, sleep disturbances, depressive disorders, and more.
  10. Humic acidchanges the pattern of metabolism of carbohydrates.
  11. It also intensifies the metabolism of proteins, and has been shown to stimulate the immune system.Humic acidimproves enzyme development.