Explanation of the composition and efficacy of potassium humate

potassium humate

The main components of potassium humate include trace elements, rare earth elements, plant growth regulators, virus inhibitors and other nutrients, which make nutrients more abundant and more reasonable, thus avoiding various physiological physiology caused by lack of elements. The occurrence of the disease.

The main effects of potassium humate are as follows:
Potassium humate can activate the squash soil, promote the physiological metabolism of various melons, fruits and vegetables and field crops, promote the development of roots and flourish stems and leaves. Potassium humate can be applied, applied, chased, applied or chased by about 20-30 kg, which can save all kinds of fertilizers, and can make fruits and vegetables and various field crops mature for about 10 days in advance, increasing production by 20 %the above. It can prolong the fresh-keeping period and picking period of fruits and vegetables, prevent falling flowers and fruit drop, increase the sugar content of fruits and improve the quality of fruits.

  1. Potassium humate improves soil aggregate structure, loosens soil, improves soil water retention and fertilizer retention capacity, regulates pH value, reduces heavy metal content in soil, and reduces the damage of salt ions to seeds and seedlings.
  2. Potassium humate fixes nitrogen, dissolves phosphorus, and activates potassium. Especially for the potash fertilizer, the synergy is particularly obvious, which plays a role in increasing roots and strengthening seedlings, resisting heavy mites, resisting diseases and improving crop quality.
  3. Potassium humate enhances the adhesion and rapid absorption capacity of plant roots, especially for physiological diseases caused by the lack of trace elements.