What’s the sodium humate function for ceramic producing?

Industrial applications of  humic acid products.

What's the sodium humate function for ceramic producingSodium humate has the following main function in ceramic clay (glaze) :

1. Potentiation

The strength of the ceramic can be increased about 80%, reduce breakage rate of semi-finished products, in favor of finishing semi-finished products.

2. Plasticization

Sodium humate can improve the plasticity index more than 40%, so that the mud is easy to be shaped, make semi-finished products not easy to be cracked, much more convenient for mechanized producing.

3. Dilution

Sodium humate can increase the fluidity of glaze slurry 50%, is a good dispergator.

4. Sorption

Sdoium humate can improve the sorption capacity of ceramic body for glaze, reduce a series problem of flaking, pinhole, disconnection, lack of glaze and so on.

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