What’s the sodium humate function for ceramic producing?

Sodium humate has the following main function in ceramic clay (glaze) :

1. Potentiation

The strength of the ceramic can be increased about 80%, reduce breakage rate of semi-finished products, in favor of finishing semi-finished products.

2. Plasticization

Sodium humate can improve the plasticity index more than 40%, so that the mud is easy to be shaped, make semi-finished products not easy to be cracked, much more convenient for mechanized producing.

3. Dilution

Sodium humate can increase the fluidity of glaze slurry 50%, is a good dispergator.

4. Sorption

Sdoium humate can improve the sorption capacity of ceramic body for glaze, reduce a series problem of flaking, pinhole, disconnection, lack of glaze and so on.

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