Two mean analysis mothod of humic acids.

For the humic acids analysis, we have 2 analysis method.humic acids analysis 2

For humic acids raw material test, there are 2 kinds of parameters,total humic acids and free humic acids. Total humic acids is including free humic acid,which is much more active and have a higher CEC(Which is mainly decided by carboxyl group on its chemical structure).But what is the rest in  humic acids ? It is some portion of free humic acids react with Ca2+ ,Mg 2+ and locked not active , mainly happened in carboxyl group.Humic acids is not soluble in acid and water only in alkaline,fulvic acid is soluble in water acid alkaline and so on,this is their basic defination.

We are also using quantitative analysis ,mainly is to use sodium pyrophosphate liquid and KOH liquid to extract the humic acids from raw material ,in acid media to use potassium dichromate to oxydize the carbon of humic acid into CO2,according to the consumption of potassium dichromate  and carbon ratio in humic acid to calculate total humic acid and free humic acids.humic acids analysis

For analysis of Humic acids content in humate (potassium humate, sodium humate ),  and  fulvic  acid  content  we  are  also  using  different methods.

For Humic acids its ph is acidic we are using  titration method to test CEC,and when for humate(potassium humate, sodium humate) some Germany  companies is using Spectrum analysis method.Ash content is very very common.

In the world there are many many way of analysis of humci acids,even in different region of China they are using different carbon  ration.But Chinese method is widely accepted worldwide and working as guidance for all Chinese factories very well for more than 30 years.


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