The Usage Of Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer.

1. Soil Drench

When watering or irrigation the soil, mix humic acid liquid fertilizer in irrigation water firstly, so as to make the plant roots full access to fertilizers,transport chemical nutrients to the tissues of the plant through the root crop breathing.irrigation

2. Foliage Dressing

Dissolve humic acid liquid fertilizer in water firstly, or dissolve together with non-alkaline pesticides (most commonly used pesticides are non-basic) in water, then spray on the foliage, water-soluble fertilizer access into the plant through the stomata interior. For some young plants or roots is a best choice, greatly enhancing the efficiency of fertilizer use, saving nutrients transportation process.

3. Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation

In some desert areas ,extremely dry areas, some large-scale cultivation of the farm, as well as high quality, high value cash crop plantations, people tend to use drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation techniques to save irrigation water and increase labor productivity. This is called “Integral control of water and fertilizer”. When irrigating, fertilizer has been dissolved in the water, watering is also in the process of fertilization. Then plant nutrition needed to get through humic acid liquid fertilizer, which saves water and fertilizer saving, but also saves labor. That is the biggest advantage of humic acid liquid fertilizer – water, and fertilizer, labor.

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