The difference between sodium, potassium, and ammonium humate

Sodium humates, potassium humates and ammonium humates are the main forms of humic acid salt. Although they are similar to each other, in fact, each form is not the same effect in different plants and different stages of plants development. Usually, generally use potassium humate and sodium humates not ammonium humates, because of its chemical instability, which often produce unpleasant ammonia odor.

Potassium Humate FlakeHumic Acid PowderSodium Humate granule

For the other two, a lot of people are more optimistic about the potassium, because potassium itself is an important component of plant nutrition. However, due to the very high chemical and biological activity of water-soluble humic acid, the application rate is very low, so low adhesion amount of potassium will not have a significant role in plant nutrition. Through years of research, Saint Humic Acid had developed the humic acid series products. Under ideal conditions the ratio of potassium and sodium, it can promote the absorption of good soil and plants to avoid chemical instability or no odor problems.


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