The application of potassium humate

Potassium humate can be used for base fertilizer,irrigation and foliar spray fertilizer ,it is strongly suggest to mix use with urea DAP MAP.

As Humic acid can greatly absorb the nitrogen and slow release,greatly increase the utilization of nitrogen in side the Urea.Also can chelate the Al3+ and Fe3+ inside the soil and release the phosphorus ions to increase the phosphorus absorption.In the meantime,the will greatly increase the efficiency of micro elements .Can also create a good environment for living microbial biomass.

For base fertilizer we have crystal form ,we suggest to mix use Nitrogen Phosphorus fertilizer like Urea ammonium sulfate ,DAP MAP MKP and so on.

For irrigation we also suggest to use to mix with Urea.

For spray fertilizer,we suggest to use MAP and DAP to mix with modified potassium humate which is lower pH.


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