Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate Property:     Normally is black powder or granule, PH 9-10. it’ll transfer to Ha colloid when put it in acid solution. Specification:   1. Powder   Water-solubility (dry basis)  80% Min 95% Min 75% Min 95% Min 95% Min Content of Humic Acid (dry basis) 45-55% 55% Min 60% Min 65% Min 68% Min Moisture 15% […]

Humic acid and Humic acids

Humic acid by nature is from leonardite and lignite or peat non soluble in water and acid only soluble in alkaline media with ph around 4-6.So based on this it is easy to extract humate ,just treat it with alkaline like sodium hydroxide potassium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide to get sodium humate ,potassium humate,ammonium humate […]

Potassium Humate Test to Peach

We use Humic acid,amino humate for base fertilizer and potassium humate ,potassium fulvate for forliar spray have good harvest also good tast. After germination, peach will quickly gave birth to blossom, apply SAINT potassium humate fertilizer at this time, can provide adequate nutrition for following flower bud. While containing chelated trace elements can improve the ability of […]

How to produce Potassium Humate?

What is potassium humate? Potassium humate is one of important humic acid salts,which is always called humate,is the final product when leonardite or lignite treated with alkaline. Difference between humic acid and humate Humic acid has big molecule weight and not soluble in water,slightly soluble in alkalin solution. Humateis salt of humic acid, is completely […]

How to extract soluble humate from leonardite

In order to be soluble, humates in raw form such as lignite or leonardite must go through an alkaline extraction process. Any of the salts like potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide can be used as the extractant. The potassium hydroxide extracted form is preferred for fertilizing application as potassium hydroxide (the extractant) is […]

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