The difference between sodium, potassium, and ammonium humate

Sodium humates, potassium humates and ammonium humates are the main forms of humic acid salt. Although they are similar to each other, in fact, each form is not the same effect in different plants and different stages of plants development. Usually, generally use potassium humate and sodium humates not ammonium humates, because of its chemical instability, which often produce unpleasant ammonia odor. For the other two, a lot of people are more … [Read more...]

How to process nonsoluble humic acid (leonardite) into soluble humic acid?

For humic acid ,its salts is humate, is also called soluble humic acids. How to process non soluble humic acid into soluble humic acid (soluble humate),it is basically treated by alkaline like KOH ,NaOH and liquid ammonia,accordingly you will get Soluble potassium humate(Soluble humic aicd potassium salt),soluble Sodium humate(soluble humic acid sodium salt),soluble ammonium humate(soluble humic acid ammonium salt). After basic reaction we … [Read more...]

Humic Acid,Potassium humate,Sodium humate,Fulvic acid

Humate Humate is formed after neutralize with NAOH, KOH and NH4OH. It's water soluble, with PH value of 9.0-10.0.Final products are sodium humate, potassium humate, and ammonium humate. Humic Acid Humic acid has bigger molecule weight and long chain not soluble in water but soluble in alkaline solution. Fulvic Acid Fulvic acid formed after the neutralize reaction of humate and acid, like HCL,H2SO4,and HNO3.The real fulvic acid doesn't exist … [Read more...]

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