Sodium Humate Fodder

Sodium Humate Fodder

Sodium Humate Fodder

Sodium humate can be widely used in the farming industry:

  • For laying hens can improve egg production, feed conversion and eggshell quality, prevent watery stool and reduce fecal odor, reduce the rate of death and elimination. For broilers, can improve feed remuneration, reduce the rate of death and elimination.
  • For pigs, can be equated olaquindox role, no drug residues,no toxic side effects, and improve meat quality. Pig has strong appetite, obviously reduced fecal odor.
  • In addition, for herbivorous animals (cattle, sheep, deer, etc.), are obviously improved productivity.

Based on the above discussion, the inherent physical and chemical nature of sodium humate participate in various metabolic activities of the animals body,only only have the same effect of similar products, but also other products irreplaceable role. In the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, improve the quality of animal products, improve production performance, the effect is obvious, and no toxic side effects, as an additive, can be extended and used in animal feed.

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