Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate is extracted from leonardite, is a versatile polymer compound containing a hydroxyl group, quinone group, carboxyl group and other more reactive groups,  has capability of adsorption, exchange, complexation, chelating .Widely used for feed additives,ceramics,polluted water treatment.

Main Specification

 Appearance Black Crystal Black Powder Black Crystal Black Powder
 Product code SHA-NaHA-2 SHA-NaHA-2 SHA-NaHA-3 SHA-NaHA-3
Water-solubility 100% 100% 90%min 90%min
 Mesh / 60 / 60
 Particle size 2-4mm / 2-4mm /
Humic Acid(dry basis) 65.0% min 65.0% min 50.0% min 50.0% min
 pH 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10
Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate

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Main Function

(1). For Animal Feed

  1. Make a variety of feed nutrients to fully break down complex molecules and good organic combination of increased gastrointestinal function, protein assimilation.
  2. Improve the permeability of animal cell membrane and protoplasm, Increase muscle cells clearance of water and water content, Pig hair light and skin tender phenomenon that caused.
  3. The adsorption of humic acid make the feed nutrient  through the intestinal tract more slowly, enhance the absorption of digestion time, improve the absorption of nutrients.
  4. Sodium humate make the non-protein amide of feed reached full advantage, feed protein translate into muscle protein high limited. Reach muscle growth potential, increase the proportion of lean meat,while the humic acid molecules residues in the intestinal tract that also can absorb the ammonia in waste,both reduces the odor of feces, and increasing the fertilizer by absorption of ammonia.
  5. Sodium humate containing quinone based  involved  in  the  redox processes of the body, Make metabolism, promote cell proliferation, accelerating growth.
  6. Sodium humate can improve gastrointestinal function, promote the secretion of gastric juice, increased appetite, promoting the nutrients into the body in a faster, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal and curb corruption breeding.

(2). Effects on endocrine function

  1. Humic acid by stimulating the secretion of certain glands, Inhibition of sympathetic cause drowsiness,make the carcass in a quiet state or sleep  time increased, Whole body movement and visceral activities decreases generally, this is advantageous to the assimilation of the whole body, to make each organ system can recover in time, on the other hand livestock hypothermia during sleep, The movement of heat loss and excess energy consumption reduction, can increase the storage relatively, make the muscles and deposition of fat increased, improve the feed conversion rate.
  2. Humic acid can activate pituitary – adrenal cortex function, promote the secretion of ACTH, increase estrogen secretion, stimulate the balance of the thyroid function.

(3). Anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect

  1. Humic acid can be activated by the pituitary – adrenal system, promote the release of corticosteroids and ACTH, and inhibition the synthesis of prostaglandin E (Prostaglandins are painful process medium), and can antagonize the lymphatic amine capillary permeability increase caused.
  2. Sodium humic acid is a polymer complexes and contain alkaloids, So for inflammatory bowel matter and toxic substances have strong adsorption capacity,at the same time have convergent effect to the intestinal mucosa, In addition, due to the structure of sodium humate containing various active groups, which can constrict blood vessels, reducing capillary permeability, play anti-inflammatory hemostasis.
  3. Under the action of enzymes, sodium humate molecules decompose the more active groups of nascent oxygen, showing a bactericidal effect.

(4). Anti-virus effect

  1. Humic acid and antibiotics is different from mildew and bacterial decomposition, while making the viral protein denaturation, resulting in antiviral activity.
  2. Sodium humate can make DNA virus (bare and take capsule membrane) cannot connect to the cell, unable to reproduce, in addition it can also inhibit reverse transcriptase activity, suppress the virus.

(5). Promote wound healing

  1. Sodium humate for soft tissue trauma purulent infection better to rot myogenic effect, infected body cells, microbial stimulation and prejudice, local tissue necrosis caused by hypoxia, isolated ions and harmful toxins, such toxic products destroy healthy tissue, so that the wounds to expand.
  2. Sodium humate can surface to form a protective film in the wound quickly, and tiny blood vessels, to stop the bleeding. Because of the molecular structure of sodium humate decision it is an oxidizing agent, but also a reducing agent, can be isolated from the two nascent oxygen, increase cells respiratory and promote cell metabolism, is conducive to ecological cell survival and proliferation of granulation, make the infection get a effective control.
  3. Sodium humate can increase the number of platelets,make the blood vessels contract, reducing capillary permeability,to reverse the abnormal microcirculation perfusion promote return to normal.
  4. Sodium humate can stimulate the gastric mucosa in the synthesis of prostaglandins, increase the gastric mucosal blood flow, protect gastric mucosa, the ulcer healing.

(6). Effects on immune function

  1. Sodium humate can make animals increase spleen weight, white pulp area bigger, red pulp cells increased obviously, appeared a lot of macrophages, to enhance the function of immune organs.
  2. Sodium humate on the function of reticuloendothelial system, namely the effect on nonspecific immune function is excited.
  3. Sodium humate has a role to strengthen the humoral immune function.
  4. Sodium humate can turn rate increases, drench with similar plant haemagglutinin (PHA), involved in cellular immunity.

(7). Sodium humate toxicology and detoxification

  1. General toxicity and special toxicity test has proved that sodium humate safe non-toxic, Such as sodium humate on rat oral LD5012 g/kg, using sodium humate in mice by gastric LD503150 mg/kg, dog oral largest  tolerance LD504 g/kg.
  2. Instead of toxicity that sodium humate have detoxification on heavy metal, strychnine, etc, and can reduce the toxicity of urea.

(8). Application of sodium humate in the ceramic industry

  1. Enhancement effect, can improve the strength of ceramic mud billet by about 80%, reduce the semi-finished products damaged, finishing in favour of semi-finished products.
  2. Plasticizing effect, improve the plasticity index more than 40%,make  the mud  to shape easily, reduce the intermediate crack, is advantageous for the mechanized production.
  3. Dilution effect, can increase the mud, the fluidity of the glaze slurry 50%, is a good solution glue.
  4. Adsorption, improve the body of blue and white glaze of other adsorption capacity, reduce spalling, pinhole, disconnection, owe glaze, semi-finished product defects such as shrinkage glaze.


  1. Sodium humate used  in broilers chicks, add the amount of 2% to 5% per ton, the amount of laying hen to add 2% to 5% per ton,used in meat ducks add  the amount of feed 2% per ton,used in laying ducks add the mount of feed 2%per ton, used in fattening add the amount of feed 2%  per ton, used in dairy add the amount of feed 1% per ton.
  2. Aquaculture, usually sodium humic acid dissolved in water beforehand, then sprinkle in the ponds, the amount of sodium humate, Controlled in the range of 0.0001 ~ 0.001%, which is 1 ~ 10 mg per litre (1 ~ 10 g/m3), Add too much, instead, inhibit the growth of fish, and even cause poisoning.
  3. In the field of medical treatment according to the corresponding medical manual properly.
  4. In the ceramic industry, it is recommended that the factory according to the different clay, glaze raw material ratio on its own.


  • 25 kg woven bags with liner inside.
  • jumbo bags

Sodium Humate TDS and MSDS

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