Chitin Humate

Chitin Humate formulate humate with chitosan,has good function to enhance the plants’ capacity to counter disease also decrease the incidence of insect meanwhile to increase harvest and quality.

chitin Humate

chitin Humate

Main Specification

 Appearance Black Powder
 Product code SHA-CHA-P
 Humic Acid (dry basis) 70% min
 Humate 80.0%min
 Moisture 15%min
 Chitosan 10.0% max
 Mesh 60

Main Function

  • Increase plants capability to counter disease and decrease insect, as well to counter stress condition.
  • Soluble humate will help to slow release nitrogen and release locked-up phosphorus also activate the micro element in the oil to increase fertility thus increase harvest and quality.


  • Soil irrigation :2-3 kg/ha every 15 days. It is also according to the soil condition.


  • 25kg woven bags with liner inside
  • Jumbo bags with dis chargeable on the bottom,with liner inside.

Chitin Humate TDS and MSDS

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