Boron Humate

Boron humate is in stable chelated form of humic acid and boron,can be used to make blend with other granular fertilizer .

Main Specification

 Appearance Black Granules
 Product code SHA-BHA-G
 Humic Acid (dry basis) 55% min
 Boron (as B2O3 dry basis) 10% min
 Moisture 15%min
Particle Size 2 – 4 mm

Main Function

  • Improve the struction of soil, increase the airial of soil and water holding capacity and maximize the macro and micro elements absorption. Thus increase the soil fertility.
  • Could create a proper environment for beneficial fungus to promote mutual good function for soil & plants.
  • Suplly chelated form of boron easy absorptable for plants, humic acid will also help to chelate micro elements in soil and converted them into mobilized.
  • Help plants to absorb calcium to achieve the ballanced ratio of Boron and calcium,which is important to cell walland fruits muture, thus could largely prolong the fruit storage time.
  • Help the crops or fruits to pollinate thus promote reproduction and increase harvest.


  • Soil :20 – 40 kg per ha
  • Mix use:10 % of total fertiliser mixture

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