Potassium Humate Test to Peach

We use Humic acid,amino humate for base fertilizer and potassium humate ,potassium fulvate for forliar spray have good harvest also good tast.

After germination, peach will quickly gave birth to blossom, apply SAINT potassium humate fertilizer at this time, can provide adequate nutrition for following flower bud. While containing chelated trace elements can improve the ability of tolerating adversity of peach, prevention nutrient deficiency, make peach blossom to open more and better. Also effectively reduce peach flower falling, fruit drop, significantly improve peach fruit set. High content potassium humate can effectively control a variety of pests and diseases, improve the quality of peaches, while promoting peaches swelling, increase the peach trees production to 5,000 kg per unit of area. Do you want your peaches in a high yield? Then quickly  use SAINT potassium humate fertilizer now!

humic acid test to peach 2 humic acid test to peach

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