Potassium Humate Application

Potassium Humate is humic acid potassium salt,completely soluble in water have powder ,crystal,flakes form ,pH around 9-10.

Potassium humate is widely used for agriculture,work as organic fertilizer ,function as follows:

1.It contends potassium ,which is very necessary for plants or crops or vegetables .Mostly importantly ,the humic acids can stock the nitrogen and slow release it,greatly increase the efficiency of nitrogen,in the meanwhile in can gr chelate the Al3+ Fe3+ and release the phosphorus ion and make it absorbed by plants .

2.Also it will greatly increase the utilization of the micro elements.

3.The humic acids will help to improve the soil structure and increase the soil organic matter,organic carbon and increase the soil humic substance ,greatly increase soil CEC ,thus increase the soil fertility and water holding capacity.

4.Humic acids will chelate the heavy metals and toxins in the soil also detoxify the pesticides and intesticide  and herbicide which is absorbed by the plants and the crops.

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