How to process nonsoluble humic acid (leonardite) into soluble humic acid?

For humic acid ,its salts is humate, is also called soluble humic acids.soluble humic acid

How to process non soluble humic acid into soluble humic acid (soluble humate),it is basically treated by alkaline like KOH ,NaOH and liquid ammonia,accordingly you will get Soluble potassium humate(Soluble humic aicd potassium salt),soluble Sodium humate(soluble humic acid sodium salt),soluble ammonium humate(soluble humic acid ammonium salt).

After basic reaction we will use filter to reduce its non soluble matters to increase its humic acids content to 75% on dry basis and water solubility 98% dry basis and application solubility 100%(that means never block the drip irrigation and sprayer nozzle ).after filteration we can condense the liquid into any required solid content between 15-50%,also we can make it into powder by spray drier also we can make it into flakes.

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