Chinese Potassium Humate Price.

Potassium humate price is different according to the different application range.

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The higher humic acid content and K2O content is, the final product potassium humate price will be higher. As a green organic water soluble fertilizer,potassium humate contains plant growth regulating agents, virus inhibitors, as well as its adequate nutrition, a reasonable suppl, can make crop plant type more vigorous and have more dark green leaves, lodging resistance will be more stronger. High water soluble potassium potassium humate has a lot of demand in various countries, as the largest producer of potassium humate, Chinese potassium humate price fluctuation even affects water-soluble fertilizer prices worldwide.

Low and middle content are used as drilling fluid agent in oil drilling and other industrial fields, such potassium humate prices are slightly lower than agricultural use potassium humate.

Potassium humate price is almost double higher than sodium humate.

Raw material of SAINT potassium humate are leonardite and KOH. For sodium humate are leonardite and NaOH. The price of leonardite is stable, but the KOH price is not. Now in China KOH price is different in different province, from 8000RMB to 12000RMB factory price . NaOH price is from 2000RMB to 4000RMB factory price. We are using same quantity of alkali to produce same humic acid content potassium humate and sodium humate. According to this, you will see how the defference between sodium humate price and potassium humate price.

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