2015 China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC2015)

on March 11-13,2015, our company will  take part in the 2015CAC in Shanghai. In the exhibition , we will  exhibit  our company  products there include some new items.We warmly welcome every customer to visit our booth. Time: March 11-13,2015 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center Booth number: 5G08 in Hall N5  

Potassium Humate Test to Peach

We use Humic acid,amino humate for base fertilizer and potassium humate ,potassium fulvate for forliar spray have good harvest also good tast. After germination, peach will quickly gave birth to blossom, apply SAINT potassium humate fertilizer at this time, can provide adequate nutrition for following flower bud. While containing chelated trace elements can improve the ability of […]

Process of Potassium Humate Dissolved into water.

From the first one to the last one you could see the fine powder is completely dessiloved into water,no residule.

Field test to Greenbean in Green house

Field test to Greenbean in Green house Base fertilizer we use our humic acid and compost formulation ,irrigation Potassium Humate and MKP,Forliar spary Potassium Fulvate.Obvious effect prolong the flowering period increase harvest at least 30% ,and the natural tast of bean you will find after cooked.

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