Humic acid can unlock minerals

Phosphorus fertilisers bond with ions of Ca, Mg, Al, and Fe that are present in soil and form inert compounds, which are inaccessible to plants. As a result, most soils contain large amounts of minerals that plants cannot access. Do your soil tests tell you what minerals are in the soil or just those that […]

The difference between sodium, potassium, and ammonium humate

Sodium humates, potassium humates and ammonium humates are the main forms of humic acid salt. Although they are similar to each other, in fact, each form is not the same effect in different plants and different stages of plants development. Usually, generally use potassium humate and sodium humates not ammonium humates, because of its chemical […]

Humic acid liquid drip irrigation

Humic acid liquid drip irrigation Humic acid is accumulated by a series of the geochemistry process and the decomposition and turning of the animal and plant residues .It could be obtained from peat, lignite, danty and some soil samples. Brown-black humic acid is a kind of mixed material. It is a kind of polycyclic condensed […]

The Effect of Humic Substances on Rock Phosphates

The ability of humic substances to solubilize and complex with natural minerals, such as rock phosphates, is well documented. The bioavailability of nutrients released from rock minerals by microbiological activity is enhanced in the presence of humic substances. Humic substances can improve the effectiveness of rock phosphates by causing the release of (PO4)3- anions and (Ca)2+ […]

Potassium humate and its application

Potassium humate has many grades can apply to many fields in agriculture,like base fertilizer,irrigation fertilizer,spray fertilizer ,especially mixed nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer,like urea,DAP.MAP.MKP and so on. Firstly used for base fertilizer,better to mix with urea 40 percent less than usual,will greatly hold the nitrogen and slow release.Humic acid can improve soil structure and increase the water […]

Potassium Humate Specification and its Application

Specifications 1 .70% Total Humic acid 2 .3-5% Fulvic Acid 3.K2O8%-10% 4 .100% Water Solubility super potassium humate is perfectly produced for organic farming, it is rich in humic acid and fulvic acid, perfect water solubility with a good capability of anti-hard water, it is the promoted product of potassium humate, the great chelating capability enable the product to offer a completely care to the crops Total Humic Acid Extracts (As dry basis) 70% Fulvic Acid (As dry basis) 3-5% Potassium (As K2O dry basis) 8%min Water Solubility Completely PH 9-10 Appearance Black Powder or Flake Extracted from natural mineral source Anti-hard water ability High Content of humic Acid High content of fulvic acid 100% water solubility Appeared in small flak for easy application and handling High quality potassium humate fertilizer with quick delivery 1. Act as effective plant growth enhancer 2. Activate biological enzyme system of plant, the carboxyl functional group in super potassium humate can activate coenzyme, accelerate enzymatic reaction, promote metabolism and improve biological activity. 3. Improve efficiency of nutritional absorption by plant leaves 4. Promote Photosynthesis, accelerate the synthesis of photosynthesis pigment, increase the content of chlorophyll a in particular, and enhance the photosynthetic rate. 5. Reduce respiration and transpiration of plants 6. Increase the yield and improve quality of agriculture products 7. Improve effectiveness of pesticide and fungicide. 8. Chelate trace elements and promote nutrient absorption by plants, prevent nutrient deficiency symptom 9. Enhance Cation Exchange Capacity(CEC), improve fertilizer and water holding capacity of soil                     Application and Dosage […]

Potassium Humate details

Specifications: 1.  Super potassium humate is from high content humic acid, it is organic fertilizer 2.  Organic fertilizer, soluble fertilizer for this potassium humate shinny flake, it is high water solubility 3.  65%-85% humic acid  for this potassium humate soluble organic fertilzier. 4.  PH value is 9-11 for this super potassium humate shinny falke 5.  Agriculture […]

Potassium Humate Application

Potassium Humate is humic acid potassium salt,completely soluble in water have powder ,crystal,flakes form ,pH around 9-10. Potassium humate is widely used for agriculture,work as organic fertilizer ,function as follows: 1.It contends potassium ,which is very necessary for plants or crops or vegetables .Mostly importantly ,the humic acids can stock the nitrogen and slow release […]

Sodium Humate application purpose

Sodium humate is humic acid sodium salt,completely soluble in water ,appearance is exactly the same as potassium humate. But the application purpose is totally different. No.1.Sodium humate can not used for agriculture,only can be used for feed additives.As it contend high in sodium,which is not necessary for plants and crops.Potassium humate is completely used for […]

Humic Acid&potassium humate

Introduction Humic acid is naturally occurring, organic substance found more in forest soil and rich in oxidized low rank coal, lignite, peat, etc. It is not a substitute to chemical fertilizers and bio-fertilizers. It increases water retention, retains nutrients and enhances microbiological activity, enzymes in soil, etc. The organic matter on biodegradation is converted in […]

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